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The two decades prior to opening up The Cedar House, Jeff and I hosted annual European ski trips for families and friends.   Mountain travel and adventure have always been a big part of our lives, and those journeys became our “why” for creating the Cedar House.

In 2011, we purchased a small adventure company to enhance the offerings for our guests, and over the years, we began hosting as well as designing adventure travel tours for clients of The Cedar House. We have partnered with an array of insightful travel experts and instructors both here in the USA and throughout Western Europe. In short, our partners and instructors are “those in the know” when it comes to creating unsurpassed alpine adventures and retreats. 


We are strong believers that when you are able to escape temporarily from the place you spend most, your mind is suddenly made aware of all those wayward ideas we keep suppressed. Outdoor adventure and travel is the tonic of creativity and inspiration. Nature can change cognition, allowing you to see something new in the old. Adventure and travel often shows us values and issues that we might ordinarily neglect, heightening our awareness and reception, but more importantly, it reminds us that our best moments come when we are moving and in places larger than ourselves.

Each year we host two to three trips that will take you away, albeit temporarily, from a world obscured by chatter and routine. Feel the prickles of awe in your fingertips as you journey into the unknown.  Lose your egocentric sense of self as awe brings forth wonderment and curiosity.  Come back refreshed and recharged, with new stories to share and relive.

We look forward to sharing our passion for adventure with you, both here in Tahoe and in some of the world’s most astonishing places.

In the words of John Steinbeck, “ People don’t take trips, trips take people”. Live in the Awe.

Patty & Jeff Baird

Life Long Explorer


The Artist Voice Retreat Lake Tahoe

If you are itching for a way to connect photographic technique with your artistic, expressive voice inside, and deftly weave it into the pixels of your images, then this retreat is for you.  Join Karen Hutton as she shows you her backyard, Lake Tahoe, a place where tales of hardship and risk are balance with accomplishment and reward. 

October 6th-11th, 2019