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    If I was to choose a favorite way to explore, it will always be by foot.

    For me, the measured pace of walking allows myself to fully sense the world around – it is a true journey, and often the process of climbing mountains and hills reinforces my sense of well being, filling me with gratitude and humility. After spending days in some of the most challenging yet truly beautiful environments, I always come home happy, inspired and often with a shift in old perspectives.

    – Patty Baird

    Ourstory began with a question

    Was the success of modern technology changing how we as humans communicate and connect back to one another?

    Technical connections differ from physical interaction.  Today’s technology has connected us globally, yet we have record levels of people feeling isolated and lonely.  We all love the conveniences that modern life brings forth,  however in some instances, it has disengaged us from what we crave most – an understanding of ourselves and others, as well as the natural world that surrounds us.

    Cedar House is a place where people from different walks of life can come together to re- energized in the awe and beauty of the Lake Tahoe region. Our message of “connection” is felt throughout the property – from our architectural design, to our locally sourced inspired dinners,  but most importantly, through the heartfelt greetings and engagement from our staff.  We believe that balance to a world obscured by chatter and routine originates by grounding oneself in the great outdoors; understanding that our greatest moments come when we are not static, but moving in places larger than ourselves.

    – Jeff and Patty Baird, Owners

    CedarHouse Story

    As told through Art
    A year ago, I embarked on a project with a dear friend of mine Karen Hutton. Karen is a professional International Landscape and Travel photographer, as well as an Artist, Speaker, Educator and author.  Her stunning imagery is featured throughout this website.  Karen’s photographic art has been featured internationally by Fujifilm and speaks all over the country about photography, creativity and inspiration.

    Karen encouraged me to find imagery that told the Cedar House Story, which resulted in The Cedar House Collection.  As she so eloquently wrote, “Each image in the Cedar House Collection was named to reflect a piece of our story, and why it was created.  Each piece speaks to the soul of Cedar House. The series as a whole tells its story”.  I couldn’t agree more. We hope you enjoy this gallery proudly displayed in our dining room Stella.
    – Patty Baird

    Cedar House Story in Art