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    Fused from unrefined and recycled materials, the Cedar House Sport Hotel encourages the natural connection between the human body and the landscape we exist in. Green building and sustainability are not just catch phrases; it is the way our society – today and in the future – will need to operate in times of resource scarcity and economic necessity.


    Defending our planet requires all of us to be more mindful of our behavior.
    The Cedar House Sport Hotel, from its inception, embodied both sustainability and environmentalism into our business model and messaging.  We were early pioneers in the “greening” of our buildings, implementing systems and processes to reduce our energy and waste consumption.  Our environmental practices that we commenced back in 2006 are today becoming laws for businesses to comply to as sustainability becomes a necessity rather than just a meaningful change.

    DefendingOur Planet

    Defending our planet requires all of us to be more mindful of our behavior.

    At Cedar House, we no longer provide disposable to-go paper or plastic cups. All our service products are reusable. We realize this is a simple change, but even modest steps can have big impacts. We thank you in joining us as we continue to advocate change against systems that promote the endless tide of plastic and junk, which if not abated, risks the livability of our world for future generations.

    NOTICE: Until  COVID-19 is fully mitigated, this policy will be temporarily suspended. We will provide disposable cupware for the safety of our guests and staff.



    The Cedar House Way.

    LEED Cat I
    Site Use and & Protection Measures Before & During Construction.
    One year before construction owner completed grading, drainage and construction of a retention pond in front of the structure; so all of the run-off water was retained on-site.

    LEED Cat II
    Outdoor & Indoor Water Efficiency Measures in Project:
    Water draining off green roof goes through gutters down a hanging chain to the landscaping below. The landscaping is sloped so that the runoff water helps water the landscaping due to the outward facing slope.

    LEED Cat III
    Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Measures Used in Project:
    • Wood–framed Low-E and solar tinted windows
    • Every light fixture on the property is fluorescent or low voltage; no incandescent lights
    • All lights have photo sensors and timers on them
    • Cellulose insulation in the ceilings and blown-in fiberglass in the walls

    LEED Cat V
    Indoor Environmental Considerations Used in Project:
    Everything used in all the interior spaces was installed and the doors of the building were left open for over a month to allow everything to outgas prior to occupation.

    LEED Cat V
    • Low VOC carpeting and draperies
    • Richlite paper-based countertops
    • Very nice plywood cabinets
    • Wall mounted toilets and free floating cabinetry allow for quick and easy cleaning of the bathrooms without mold concerns.

    Space & Water Heating Systems
    The buildings are designed so that everything happens from the center of each building. As a result there is no plumbing on exterior walls for saving energy and freeze protection.The hotel uses a Rinnai tankless boiler system. Due to the design of the building there are very short footage runs from each hot water heater to each showerhead. Each building has 3 instantaneous hot water heaters for the potable water system and one Bideras instantaneous heater for the hydronic space heating system.

    Rinnai Tankless Systems
    The Rinnai system allows each tankless water heater to “talk” to each other heater as the demand on them increases or decreases. This is an extremely energy efficient system which currently runs off natural gas, but at any time can be converted over to solar hydronic. If a customer wants more heat in a room, a secondary ceiling mounted fan-powered hydronic system picks up the slack.



    Our Alliances and Community Ties

    The connection between the Cedar House Sport Hotel’s philanthropy and environment ethos is unmistakable. The hotel’s primary beneficiaries do exceptional work in the region and possess a strong environmental stewardship ethos.