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    Photographer, Voice, Purveyor of Awesomeness
    At the heart of all my work lies the certainty that Life is light. As long as I can remember I have been drawn to the camera as my artistic paintbrush. After all, its medium is light.

    The way I see it, the earth thrives with light – as does each of its creations. My work is known for encompassing those moments when light impacts the living soul of my subject, whether in sweeping, epic scenes or in deliciously intimate settings. Each are moments of divinity; witnessing them fills me with awe. It is my deepest hope and life’s work to create art embedded with the feeling of awe we experience in wild nature; for it is transformative.

    Thisis the way

    The way I photograph reflects how we think; as we focus upon a single idea, distractions fade softly into the background. With inquisitive eyes, we return over and again to the heart of the matter, like a meditation; discovering new layers each time.

    I love working in monochrome photography, because it removes the distraction of color. Black and white imagery calls out to the imagination through its poetic interpretation of reality, by revealing simply the light, shadow, lines, patterns and precise weavings of its subject. In contrast to answers, it poses questions. Questions intrigue our imaginations by calling upon their unique genius, setting them in motion on a quest for answers. In that moment, we have an instant connection: artist, subject and viewer. It’s organic, honest and intimate.



    Each image in the Cedar House collection was named to reflect a piece of the story here and why it was created. Each speaks to the soul of Cedar House; the series as a whole tells its story. “Dance of Life”, “Rain Chains”, “Exquisitely”, “Connections”, “Drifting on Threads of Time”, “Face Forward”, “Lighting the Way”; all were chosen for the specific voice they have in the vision of Cedar House Sport Hotel. Each photograph connects us to its story and makes us part of it.

    Light… movement… gesture… all captured in a breathless moment. Photography is the perfect medium for me, because it captures the instant of the most illuminating revelations. My hope is that it moves my viewers to connect more deeply; to themselves, to each other – and to our astounding natural world, filled with awe.

    – Karen Hutton





    Every day is a dance, happening an ever-changing stage, with new steps to learn, old ones to embellish upon, and an entire series of moves that when taken together, are like some big crazy musical.

    Every day is a dance, happening an ever-changing stage, with new steps to learn, old ones to embellish upon, and an entire series of moves that when taken together, are like some big crazy musical.

    That’s life.

    A dance.

    A sway of the hips, of the mind, of creation.

    And the power of light to make it all so beautiful.


    To me, rain chains seem to echo abundant Nature. The showers that fill them to overflowing soon send water pouring and cascading through them like an exquisite fountain of life.

    You’ll find rain chains in special places all around the Cedar House property. They represent renewal of body, mind and soul… and replenishment and flow. It’s an important story to remember and experience every day. Especially when weathering the storms in our lives.


    Exquisitely Alone

    This is a divine dichotomy tale about how we are a part of the many;
    each one of us containing a unique – and quite individual – stamp of divine creation.

    There is both a poignancy and responsibility in that understanding…
    as well as maybe a touch of sadness, hope, relief, joy too… all in the same moment.

    Life is full of divine dichotomies. They are exquisite, especially when represented
    in black and white.


    Connections are powerful. Connections to each other, to how we work together/help each other/create awesomeness… and connection to our source. Connections for business. Connections that, once made, lead to deeper understandings and new possibilities.

    We are each individuals, yet we can create greatness together. That is part of the philosophy of Cedar House. Which is why together we created a visual story. My camera. Cedar House construction. Connection. See? We’re hard-wired for it.


    Each piece in The Cedar House Collection was chosen for the tale it had to tell. “Drifting On The Threads of Time” speaks to the moments we have felt ensnared in time, in beliefs, or snags that seemed inescapable. It is a timeless symphony about life itself, a poignant harmony that would never have existed had we not come to sing it.

    We drift and yet we have purpose. We are, then we are gone. Our time here on Earth is ultimately fleeting, ephemeral. So… does life have meaning? Or none at all? Who decides? Oh how beautiful and exquisite it all is. Even when it seems we are hanging on by a thread.

    Face forward. No matter the struggles, the pain, the challenges, the speed bumps… we are designed to face forward. It is the ultimate affirmation of life. Creativity. Passion. Love. Of never giving up.



    In the end, the most epic thing we can do is let our light shine; let it pour through the cracks and illuminate the way for ourselves and for others.

    Maybe that’s how we inspire the most. Maybe that’s our legacy; to ignite a spark of divine fire in others and watch it shine so brightly.

    As the final piece in a beautifully haunting, life-affirming Cedar House Collection, this one is a reminder for us all.
    One of the best  life options we know.

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