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    Access to the trail is across the street from the hotel

    The Truckee River Legacy Trail is a 6-mile-long paved bike/walking trail that takes one from the Town of Truckee to the start of the Glenshire community. The trail winds along the icy Truckee River—Lake Tahoe’s only outflow. In the spring the Truckee river is roaring with rapids and fast water due to snowmelt. In winter months the trail is often plowed from snow thus users can enjoy it year-round. The terrain around the river is high alpine meadows which are home to manzanita bushes, wildflowers, and various other high sierra plants. Once you get about 1 mile outside of town, the peacefulness is very noticeable. Hikers and bikers also enjoy views of the Martis Valley nature area and Mt. Rose Wilderness range. This trail is perfect for a quick morning walk, afternoon bike cruise, or evening jog. Pets are welcome.

    The hotel offers 7-speed cruiser bikes complimentary that are perfect for this trail. 

    MartisCreek Wildlife Area

    5 minute drive from hotel

    Martis Creek Lake via Waddle Ranch Wildlife Preserve: The Martis Valley area is a protected wildlife viewing and nature area in the heart of Truckee. The most popular area in the valley is Waddle Ranch Wildlife Preserve. Martis Valley is a perfect place for short hikes, afternoon picnics, or a full day exploring. The valley is home to rolling sage-covered hills, vast open plains, volcanic rock structures, pine and fir forests, and pristine creeks. The wildlife in the area includes Canada geese, American white pelicans, Bald eagles, and Osprey. There are also “ground birds” such as Wood Pewees, Nutchatches, and Chickadees. Additionally, the area is teeming with Coyotes which hunt Racoons, and other small animals. Deer can be seen in the morning hours feasting on shrubs. Don’t forget; there are beautiful Black bears as well.

    Martis Trail in Waddle Ranch Wildlife Preserve : The Martis Creek/ Waddel Ranch Wildlife Preserve area sits in Martis valley between Northstar and a community called Glenshire. This area hosts miles of hiking and biking trails that loop around the valley on either side of highway 267. It also provides Martis Creek Lake—home to fishing and non-motorized boating. The lake boasts Rainbow and Brown trout. In the spring, around the lake, wildflower displays are strikingly beautiful…Show more details

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    SpurView Trail (Picnic Rock)


    This trail is located off of the famed Tahoe Rim Trail at a segment of the TRT that is prized for its spectacular windswept vistas hosting views of Lake Tahoe, the Mt. Rose Wilderness, and Carson range. The trail starts by climbing away from Brockway summit for several miles into the Tahoe National Forest’s thick and fragrant stands of pine, fir, and tobacco brush. You WILL HAVE LAKE VIEWS RIGHT FROM THE START OF YOUR HIKE. After approx. 1 mile, the Tahoe Rim Trail splits and Spur View Trail will go off to the left. This trail will take you to a beautiful overlook of Lake Tahoe. With a little imagination, the rock formation at the top looks like three Indian heads– one looking straight at the lake, and the other two to the right and the left. Some say they are guarding Lake Tahoe. The rocks are a great spot to sit down, have a snack, and enjoy the beautiful view. If you feel like you haven’t hiked enough, once you get to the overlook, you can go back to the junction where you turned left and continue straight on the TRT.

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    EastShore Trail


    The East Shore Trail is a 3.3 mile paved path running above the northeast shoreline of Lake Tahoe from Tunnel Creek Café to Sand Harbor State Park. The trail offers marvelous views of Lake Tahoe over its entirety, as well as access to various coves, outcroppings, and swimming holes. Joggers, bikers, walkers, and beachgoers benefit from the trail with access to Hidden Beach and other splendors of the northeast shore like Sand Harbor. The trail provides a large parking area at the Tunnel Creek parking lots, where visitors can grab breakfast or lunch at the Tunnel Creek Café or rent bikes from Flume Trail Bikes–who are known for providing shuttles and guides through the famous Tahoe Flume bike trail.

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