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    ExperienceDual Days - Skiing, Bikes, and Beaches

    In Truckee and Lake Tahoe, spring is a special time of year. The spirit of locals and visitors alike is filled with excitement as we close the door on winter and spring into the next season with fresh adventure and imagination. The landscape changes overnight, days are longer, daytime temperatures warmer, and the forests start becoming drastically green. In the high alpine, snow holds yet slowly melts into local tributaries. During the day, the warm temperatures cause the snow to soften as it melts, then it freezes overnight. The next morning after this freeze, the snow melts into a deep-slushy “corn” like consistency; thus, making for amazing skiing and snowboarding conditions. This is known as a “melt-freeze snow cycle.” The particular snow cycle allows for “dual-days,” where one skis or snowboards at one of the local resorts on classic corn snow—wearing a T-shirt and sunglasses, followed by a bike ride, beach day, or round of golf during late afternoon hours.

    Skiand Beach on the Same Day

    Spring truly is a magical time of year around Lake Tahoe. The days are longer, the weather warmer, snow is corny, and many lower elevation lake activities are becoming available. One of the famous local day plans is to ski, and then beach on the same day. Visitors can shred at one of the spring skiing gems like Squaw Valley, then head to Hidden Beach, Sand Harbor, or Kings Beach in the afternoon for apre. The water is cold this time of year, yet the sun is hot. This creates the perfect scenario for one to ski to their hearts (or muscles) content, and then go dip in the Lake to purify one’s soul, and ease the muscles. The crowds are also a lot smaller in the spring; thus, having a beach to yourself is not an illusion.

    For more information over Hidden Beach, Sand Harbor, and Kings Beach, please see our Summer Beach page or contact the front desk.

    Skiand Bike during the Same Day

    Just like skiing and beaching on the same day, adventurers can enjoy the unique experience of skiing or snowboarding in the morning, followed by a peaceful bike ride during the evening hours. Afterward, one can head into downtown Truckee for dinner at one of the local-eccentric restaurants.

    Most of the mountain bike trails aren’t melted out during spring. However, one can still take a cruiser-bike ride along the East Shore Trail to take in the pristine clear waters of Lake Tahoe, or along the Truckee River via the Legacy Trail. The river during spring months is laden with rapids and white water, which along with the numerous wildflowers and awakening forests, create quite the tranquil environment. Those wanting more of a wilderness setting that requires some sort of a mountain bike can check out the Martis Creek Wildlife Area; The trails are flat yet very scenic.

    For more information over the East Shore Trail, Legacy Trail, and Martis Creek Wildlife Area, please contact the front desk or check out our Summer Long Hike and Short Hike pages.

    Skiand Golf in the Same Day

    For the ultimate sporty day, one can enjoy classic high sierra corn snow at one of the area’s local ski resorts, followed by a round of golf on one of the famous courses in Truckee or North Lake Tahoe. The links are less crowded and bursting with color this time of year, making for a great time to warm up your swing before summer. Most courses during spring are just starting to open up; thus, be sure to check with the clubhouse to ensure your targeted course is open to your liking. Please check out our summer golf page for more details over the local courses.