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    TheFlume Trail

    The Flume Trail is a 14 mile single track bike trail on the east shore of Lake Tahoe. It runs between Tunnel Creek parking lot and Spooner Lake at the Spooner summit. The trail takes bikers on an up and down traverse in the high sierra with views of Lake Tahoe almost the entire time. The trail itself can be technical at times as the sand in the high sierra is very loose. There is also a steep climb, rock garden areas, and exposed vista traverses. The trail can be completed in entirety or in sections by looping with the Tahoe Rim Trail.  The first section of the Flume trail starts at the most Southern part of the trail at Spooner Lake. Bikers start at the Spooner Lake day use area—there are signs for the Flume trail to guide you. This first section starts at approx. 7200 feet and climbs to just over 8100 feet into the Lake Marlette Saddle. This section is 4 miles long. During this climb, bikers are treated to aspen groves, manzanita forest, and other classic high sierra shrubs. Once at Lake Marlette, you will start to go downhill, and the trail goes down for the rest of the way—unless you wish to climb to the Tahoe Rim Trail. There are many places to cut to the TRT off of the Flume Trail. Consult with the front desk if you are unsure of your plan and wish to do something more advanced. Once you start the descent, bikers are treated to amazing views of Lake Tahoe as you traverse exposed vista’s and ridgelines. The views here are worth any of the work, even without the fun of mountain biking.

    For Bike rentals and a shuttle to the Spooner parking area from Tunnel Creek, contact Flume Trail Mountain Bikes. They can provide rentals, guides, shuttles, and trail maps. They also provide shuttles for the Tahoe rim trail on even days during the summer and fall. For more information please visit their website at

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    TahoeRim Trail

    The Tahoe Rim trail circles Lake Tahoe at its entirety. It runs 165 miles and treats travelers to unprecedented views of Lake Tahoe, as well as travels through the various unique topographic locations around Tahoe. From thick forest, massive canyons, monstrous summits, pristine lakes, and epic ridgeline traverses, hikers and bikers of the rim trail will see things that a camera could never do justice. Because of the size of the Rim Trail, there are various trailheads, water sources, and sections one can explore.

    For Bikers, the Rim Trail does have restrictions as there are only certain sections which allow biking. There is one section which starts in the Tahoe Meadows off of 431 and travels 9 miles south to basically Tunnel Creek This section is a technical single track and primarily requires pedaling. The trail is laden with rock gardens and loose dirt, all while making its way through the stunning Tahoe National Forest. Once the trail gets to the Flume Trail, you can go take the Flume Trail back north to Tunnel Creek. Flume Trail Bikes runs a shuttle on even days during the spring and summer which takes riders from Tunnel Creek parking area back up the Mt. Rose Meadows.

    After the first 9 mile section, there is a 5 mile section where bikes are allowed any day. This section actually traverses between the Flume Trail and Red house Flume. This 2nd section is where bikers climb up to Marlette summit and descend off of it. From here, bikers can again cut over to the Flume Trail and go back north, or continue on the Rim trail for 2.6 miles to Snow Valley Peak. There is a separate trail that climbs the summit of Snow Valley Peak off of the TRT. At Snow Valley Peak, bikers have to take the connector trail down to the Flume Trail because bikers are restricted on the TRT starting here. Once on the Flume Trail, you can continue back north, traverse Marlette Lake, and then ascend down to Tunnel Creek. The views are amazing over the entirety of this traverse.

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    From Mt. Rose Meadows, one can access the Tyrolean Downhill Trail off of the Tahoe Rim Trail. The downhill is 3.7 point to point miles of technical single-track that hosts small jumps, large rock gardens, banked turns, and all sorts of bumps and bends. All while traveling through the magnificence of the Tahoe National Forest and sandy canyon country cascading from the high peaks above. The trail starts off of the Tahoe Rim Trail in the Mt. Rose Meadows. This requires setting up your own shuttle from Diamond Peak Ski area parking lot—where the trail ends, unless you want to climb the road back up the meadows. This trail is great for those wanting a pure downhill experience.

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    NorthstarCalifornia Bike Park

    Northstar California Resort runs a lift serviced mountain bike park during the summer from June to September. The park hosts over 50 trails ranging from beginner to advanced. The lift access makes a 2-hour bike day seem like a full day because of the amount of laps you can do due to the convenience of riding a lift vs shuttling or pedaling up. Some of the trails are more “freestyle” designed with jumps, large banked turns, man made features, and wooden structures. Other trails are simply technical and steep traveling over large rock faces and other such terrain. Beginners do not be weary, the park also has plenty of beginner and intermediate terrain, as well as armor, helmet, and bike rentals.

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    EastShort Trail

    Cruiser Trail

    The East Shore Trail is 3.3 miles of paved path that runs above the north eastern shoreline of Lake Tahoe from Tunnel Creek Café to Sand Harbor State Park. The trail offers marvelous views of Lake Tahoe over its entirety as well as access to various coves, outcroppings, and swimming holes. Joggers, bikers, walkers, and beachgoers benefit from the trail with access to Hidden Beach and other splendors of the north eastern shore like Sand Harbor. The trail provides a large parking area at the Tunnel Creek Rd parking lots. Visitors can grab breakfast or lunch at Tunnel Creek Café and rent bikes from Flume Trail Bikes–who are known for providing shuttles and guides through the famous Tahoe Flume Trail. Flume Trail Bikes rents both beach cruisers and E-bikes for those wishing to hit the trail in style.

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    The Sawtooth Ridge Trail rolls through sierra forests high above the Truckee River near Squaw Valley. Beginner and intermediate mountain bikers will love the stellar viewpoints, moderate climbs and fun rhythm. Occasional technical features keep things exciting. Some trail highlights are the Truckee River Canyon and the ability to access other trails off of Mt. Watson. Overall, the trail is a 9 mile loop. The Sawtooth trailhead is very close to the Cedar House, and you can access it by making a left out of our front driveway, then make a left at your first light on Palisades.  You will follow Palisades all the way to the top of the hill, then make a right on Silver Fir, then a left on Thelin.  You will see a gate for the entrance of the 06 fire road about a half mile down.  Turn right onto the fire road until you come to the small parking lot on your right. The trail is very well signed.

    Additional Bike Rentals:

    If you already have a plan but need equipment, or maybe you do not have a plan but want to talk to an expert and purchase rentals, we recommend using the below companies.

    Cycle Paths:
    6 minutes from the hotel in Truckee at 10825 Pioneer Trail. They rent downhill, enduro, all mountain, electronic, cruiser bikes, and protective equipment. They also can provide trail maps over the local trails.

    Tahoe Sports Hub:
    2-minute drive from the hotel, they are located right in downtown Truckee on West River
    Street—10095 W River St # 2. They offer a range of products from DH, enduro, cross country, dirt jumpers, all-mountain, electronic, cruiser bikes, and all of the protective equipment one might need. The Sports hub also provides maps and expertise over the trails in the area.

    Bike Truckee:
    Walking distant from the hotel, Bike Truckee is located behind the 7/11 on Brockway Road. They rent downhill, cruisers, electric and all protective gear. You can rent and jump directly onto the Legacy Trail from their shop.

    Flume Trail Bikes:
    Flume Trail Bikes host shuttles and guides over the famed Flume and Tahoe Trim Trail. They are located in Incline Village approx. 30 minutes from the hotel. We recommend utilizing Flume Trail Bikes if you are going to bike the Tyrolean Downhill, TRT, or Flume Trail.

    East Short Trail Direction:

    From the hotel, travel to Incline Village Nevada, via highway 28 out of Kings Beach. Highway 28 passes through Incline Village, and shortly outside of town it passes the East Shore Trail parking at Tunnel Creek. Look for this signed parking area on the left after you pass Country Club BLVD in Incline Village. For easy directions look up directions to Tunnel Creek Café—which is located at the Tunnel Creek parking.

    Northstar California Bike Park Directions:

    From the hotel, travel to highway 267 and turn right onto 267. Then travel approx. 4 miles to Northstar Dr. Turn right onto Northstar drive and continue up to the parking lot in the Village. The drive is about 10 minutes from the hotel.

    Directions to the Mt. Rose Meadows:

    To get to the Tahoe Meadows, take highway 267 from the meadows towards Kings Beach. Turn left on Highway 28 in Kings Beach and then travel on 28 until the traffic circle at 431 (Mt. Rose Highway), take the 2 nd  exit in the traffic circle to get onto 431. Travel for approx. 7.5 miles through the Tahoe Meadows and turn right on Co Rd 340 (it is across the street from the Mt. Rose Summit Parking lot), then turn right into the TRT parking area. If the TRT parking is full, one can park at the Mt. Rose Summit area and ride across the street to Co Rd 340. Then take the Tahoe Rim Trail through the meadows, the trail will then steadily climb out of the meadows into denser forest. From here, once you reach vista with a lake view, look for the Tyrolean Downhill to the right. It is more of a cut off to the right and the TRT to continue down the ridge you would have just summit. The trail ends in the Diamond Peak Ski area parking.

    Directions to the Tahoe Meadows:

    We recommend parking at the TRT trailhead in the Tahoe Meadows, and shuttling back up to your vehicle via Flume Trail Bikes from Tunnel Creek. To get to the Tahoe Meadows, take highway 267 from the meadows towards Kings Beach. Turn left on Highway 28 in Kings Beach and then travel on 28 until the traffic circle at 431 (Mt. Rose Highway), take the 2 nd  exit in the traffic circle to get onto 431. Travel for approx. 7.5 miles through the Tahoe Meadows and turn right on Co Rd 340 (it is across the street from the Mt. Rose Summit Parking lot), then turn right into the TRT parking area. If the TRT parking is full, one can park at the Mt. Rose Summit area and ride across the street to Co Rd 340.

    The Flume Trail Directions:

    From the hotel, travel on highway 267 into Kings Beach where you take a left onto Highway 28. Travel on Highway 28 into Incline Village, once you travel just outside of Incline Village, look for the Tunnel Creek parking lots on the left. The Tunnel Creek Café is a good land marker at the parking lots. If you are setting your own shuttle and do not wish to use Flume Trail Bikes shuttle, you can leave a vehicle at the Tunnel Creek parking lots and then park another vehicle at Spooner Lake day use area—approx. 10 miles south of Tunnel Creek Rd. It is approx. 30 minutes from the hotel to Tunnel Creek.