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    Covid-19Operational Plan

    At Cedar House Sport Hotel, the health and safety of our guests and team members is our number one priority. We are closely monitoring local government and the Centers for Disease Control recommendations and following guidelines from these agencies and local health departments. With the latest updates from the experts in the field, we have created our own COVID-19 response plan to ensure every process has been thought of from the moment our guests check in through to their departure. All staff members will be trained according to these preventative measures.

    What we have learned from this pandemic is that we are all in this together. By taking these proactive safety measures, we are protecting both our team members and our guests. We recognize these are unsettling times and whether our guests are traveling now or in the future, we will be ready to welcome them back to a safe and clean environment.

    Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Gloves

    Cedar House Staff will receive and be required to wear gloves throughout the duration of their scheduled work shift. The only exception will be if the use of gloves creates a safety hazard.

    Masks – Each Cedar House team member will receive and be required to use masks throughout the duration of their shift unless they do not have contact with their teammates, Guests or Vendors.

    Gloves and masks should be removed carefully to avoid contamination of the wearer and the surrounding area. Goggles should be used whenever there is a risk of splash. Gloves and masks should always be disposed of after cleaning surfaces, handling trash, etc.


    All staff must wash their hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol may be used. At the beginning and end of the shift, each staff member must sanitize their work area (keyboards, telephones, desks, housekeeping carts etc.). Commercial grade disinfectant will be available in each department. Hand sanitizer will be placed at key guest and employee entrances and contact areas such as reception areas, hotel lobby, restaurant entrances,

    Cedar House will be implementing additional sanitizing measures to our already high standards of cleanliness. We will be using an Electrostatic sprayer to frequently sanitize all public spaces to include guestrooms, hot tub areas, and other public areas. The chemical used will kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses to include SARS-CoV-2 that causes the coronavirus disease.

    Social distancing

    Staff members must follow the 6 feet social distancing guideline – adhering to mandates by county, state, and federal government. Floors may be marked at the front desk and signage installed to ensure guests are keeping a safe distance when checking in/out or inquiring about something in person.

    Temperature Screening

    At the beginning of each shift, staff members will be asked to submit to a temperature screening. If a Staff Member has a fever, they will be directed to go home and monitor their fever and other COVID-19 symptoms (i.e. cough, shortness of breath).

    Pre-shifts, meetings, trainings

    To abide by the social distancing guidelines, we will endeavor to minimize the number of in-person trainings and meetings. When in-person meetings or trainings are scheduled the room must be set-up so participants can remain 6 feet from each other. Any F&B provided should be individually packaged, avoid buffet style service. Training materials, agendas, etc. will be handed to each participant versus placed on the table. Pre-shifts must take place in area were social distancing can be maintained.


    Front of the House

    A) Stay over and turndown service have been suspended to protect our team members and guests. • Extra amenities will be delivered upon request.

    B) Guestrooms can be quarantined for 24 to 72 hours before beginning the cleaning and disinfecting process.
    • After guest departure, patio doors must be opened, and ventilating fans will be used to increase air circulation in the guestrooms.
    • Guestrooms will be treated with Electrostatic Disinfectant spray with disinfectant between every guest use

    C) Housekeeping must ensure trash, soiled and dirty linen from every room is bagged and handled with caution to eliminate exposure.

    D) Clean and disinfect all areas of guestrooms and common areas including remote controls, lamp switches, door handles, doorknobs, drapery rods, mini-bar handles, hangers, coffee makers, alarm clock, etc. Any paper notices or paper products will be disposed after every checkout.

    E) Ensure the enhanced cleaning standards are always thoroughly followed. • Cross contamination will be avoided by using proper cleaning rags and clean gloves for every area in the guestroom.

    F) All high traffic touch areas and common places must be sanitized and disinfected no less than 3 times a day or after use.
    • Note pads & pen, magazines or any other reading material must be removed from public spaces.

    G) The overnight team will deep clean all public areas and bathrooms. The use of bleach base and disinfectant chemicals will be used to sanitize effectively. During the day, all public bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized hourly.

    H) Ensure every sanitizing stations are replenished


    A) To minimize air contamination, dirty laundry will be handled with care.
    • All employees handing contaminated items must wear masks and gloves and dispose before touching sanitized spaces/leaving or returning from break periods. Do not shake laundry.

    B) Items must be washed in accordance with CDC guidelines and instructions.

    C) Clean and disinfect hampers/other carts that transport laundry according to guidance below

    Front Desk

    Social Distancing

    A) It is mandatory that every team member maintain a 6ft distance from others.

    B) Signage and floor markings at the front desk to ensure guests are keeping a safe distance when checking in/out or inquiring about something in person.

    C) Plexiglass has been installed at the front desk stations to minimize exposure.

    D) Group arrivals will be pre-keyed and registered to ensure a quick and contactless experience.

    E) When practical, front doors will be left open throughout the day to limit contact with door handles.

    F) A staff member will always be present in the lobby to navigate traffic and be sure that everyone is adhering to guidelines set forth.

    G) Excess furniture will be removed from the concierge desk and lobby area to limit gatherings.

    H) The front office reception desk will be sanitized after each guest interaction.

    Infrared thermometers will be available at front desk to conduct temperature checks for our guests if requested. Provision of medical masks and gloves for our guests are available, subject to availability.

    Payment Procedures

    A) The use of cash transactions will be discouraged unless necessary.

    B) Gloves must always be used during cash transactions. Gloves must be disposed of immediately following the transaction.

    C) ID and MOP will be checked visually at the front desk. The chip reader will be presented to the guest so that they can insert their MOP with limited contact. (Method of payment)

    D) All chip and pin readers will be clean with disinfectant spray after each use.

    Room Keys

    A) A drop box will be supplied for all used room keys.

    B) Room keys will be sanitized 24 hours after guest use before utilizing again.

    C) New room keys will be presented to the guest with gloves in a tray to limit exposure.

    Food & Beverage Operations Safety Overview

    All staff members must continue to follow safe serve and food safety practices when preparing food. • Keep food handling equipment / accessories clean, limit interactions with customers. All F&B staff must always wear gloves

    Menus and Offerings

    Family style, sharable items and Buffets will be discontinued until further notice.

    Cardstock menus will be laminated for ease of cleaning with disinfectant spray between each use.

    A) Buffet • All Buffet offerings will be discontinued until further notice. • In lieu of the breakfast buffet, a morning breakfast menue will be offered for purchase in our dining room.

    B) Cleanliness • Changing tablecloth between each seating will be enforced after usage regardless if linen is dirty or not. • If there are no linens, clean both tables and chairs with disinfectant spray between every seating.

    C) Handling Payments • Team members must wear gloves while handling all payment transactions. • Team members must sanitize hands between each transaction. • All POS terminals and credit card terminals need to be cleaned with disinfectant spray after each use.

    Takeout Orders

    A) Guests may stand in line if staff can monitor the line to maintain 6-foot physical distancing, with signage to encourage distancing.

    B) All beverages must be filled by Staff members. No self-service beverages or customer refills.

    C) Single-use items like napkins and condiments will be given directly to the customer.

    D) Single-service items such as utensils and straws should be wrapped.

    Hostess Stand

    A) Designate one host at a time. Staff members must wipe down phones and stations with wipes between shifts and change of personnel.

    B) Ensure menus are all laminated. Wipe down with EPA cleaning chemicals before and after each use.

    C) Regulate guests waiting in line and ensure 6-foot physical distancing. Signage will be posted to enforce social distancing.

    Restaurant – Stella

    A) Per CDC guidance, floor plan including patio areas are updated to ensure 6 feet of separation between table set ups. Under no circumstance will physical seating in any dining room be permitted to exceed 50% of occupancy rating. • Maximum party of 8 per table (until further notice by CDC).

    B) Main Restaurant Floorplan • Space out tables at least 6 feet apart to allow for social distancing. If tables cannot be moved, seat guests on every other table.

    C) Signage and Advertising • All changes will be made visible with signage and posted online, including on social media.

    G) Indoor vs. Outdoor • If there is a capability to open windows and patio doors – we will do so. Increasing air circulation keeps fresh air flowing into stale spaces.

    G) Dining room will be treated with Electrostatic Disinfectant spray at the end of each day

    Hot Tub Operations (when opened by local health authorities)

    Social Distancing in pool requirement at 10 ft minimum. • Space out lounge chairs

    Hot Tub usage only 1 person or couple at a time (max 4 who all cohabitate in same room). Key to access will be at Front desk.

    Cleaning and Sanitizing Protocol • Area will be treated with Electrostatic Sprayer at the end of each day.

    Maintain proper disinfectant levels (1-10 parts per million free chlorine or 3-8 bromine) and pH (7.2-8).

    Protective cover for pool menus which will be cleaned with disinfectant spray after each use

    All disposable flatware will be packaged. • All glassware will be disposable.

    Sales and Event Services Meetings and Setups:

    A) Physical Distancing Guidelines with revised meeting room sets, diagrams and capacity charts

    B) Meeting space will be treated with Electrostatic Disinfectant spray between every event

    C) Enhanced cleaning schedule in high touch point areas during meetings and events

    D) Downsize contents of meeting room to minimize opportunities for contamination and facilitate meeting room sanitation • Remove pre-set pads, pens, mints

    E) Double or Triple overlay linens to be used on all tables, no skirts unless rental linen • During meal breaks that take place out of meeting space, top linen to be removed and sent to laundry in plastic trash bags • All linens stripped daily including for meeting spaces in continued use by same event

    F) No pre-set water pitchers or water stations • Bottled water only or individual water goblets with covers

    G) REGISTRATION SETUPS: • Event registration is recommended to be contactless. Downsize contents on registration table to minimize opportunities for contamination • Clients are recommended to wear personal protective equipment when occupying registration desks. Clients are responsible for providing personal protective equipment for self and attendees

    Food and Beverage for Meetings/Events:

    A) No buffets will be available. Appropriate menus will be designed for each event with planner.

    B) Signage with health and safety protocols

    C) Sanitation stations at meal locations

    D) Physical Distancing Guidelines with revised meeting room sets, diagrams and capacity charts • Suggested Capacities for Severe and Moderate Distancing

    E) COFFEE SERVICE: • Meeting Room Coffee: • No self-service – will be served as requested, with sanitation station • Creamers and Sugar individually packaged • Attendant to disinfect during scheduled meeting breaks • Disposable cups with lids or coffee mug upon request.

    Meal Service will include tableside coffee service

    F) MEETING MEALS: • Outside seating or separate space from meeting room will be assumed whenever possible • Banquet staff to remove soiled linens and sanitize meeting room during scheduled meal breaks • Silverware will be rolled • Pre-set water goblets with paper covers will be supplied
    G) THREE-COURSE MEALS: • Rolled Silverware for first course • Additional coursed silverware placed by servers • Pre-set water with paper covers • No pre-set bread, salad, desserts • Service staff to change gloves for each course • Gloves are color coded per course

    Safety and Security

    Our safety and management team continue to work diligently to educate our customers and hold staff members accountable to the policies and standards set forth. In addition, they have created a COVID-19 Epidemic Response Plan that outlines guidelines enforced by public health officials. Their objective is to “bolster business continuity through preparation, response, surveillance and communication.”

    Guest Exhibiting Symptoms Consistent with COVID-19

    If a staff member observes a guest presenting with symptoms consistent with COVID-19, they must contact Management immediately • All guests displaying symptoms who are staying in the hotel must be asked to stay in their rooms • Front desk staff will contact the Truckee Police, and or Fire Department or Tahoe Forest Hospital to advise of the situation.

    If our guest will be transported to the hospital for COVID-19 symptoms: Management will contact the Nevada County Public Health Agency 530.582.7814.

    Management will contact an emergency biohazard cleaning company to disinfect the room and put room out of service until cleared by local health authorities.

    Staff Member Exhibiting Symptoms Consistent with COVID-19

    If one observes a staff member presenting with symptoms consistent with COVID-19, they must contact Management & HR immediately • Management and HR will advise the Staff Member to go home and to seek medical attention.

    Management will ask the staff member to disclose the name of those he/she has worked with in proximity.

    Management will notify the individuals that may have been in proximity with the infected team member. Management will ask those who have been possibly exposed if they are symptomatic.

    Management will ask those who have been possibly exposed to seek medical attention and quarantine themselves.

    An infected team member will not be allowed to return unless a doctor’s note is sent to Management for approval.