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    Our mission is to provide a cohesive guest experience that inspires.

    We accomplish this as an active lifestyle hotel with a strong environmental consciousness.  Experience our world – one that is rooted in fresh mountain air, pure water and irresistible mountain trails.

    YourBasecamp for Adventure

    4 Seasons of Fun, Truckee Style
    The sun is setting in the west; the moon is rising over Donner Summit, a pink alpine glow shines off of the horizon’s contour with a light that wakes up your wild side. You feel free you are here, in the mountains of Nevada and California’s high sierra. Welcome to Truckee, where the air is crisp, the water clear, and the adventure has no end.

    One of California’s oldest towns, Truckee, hosts a vibrant nightlife, foodie vibe, and undying adventure spirit, connecting you to the natives, settlers, and miners who experienced the same Sierra Nevada freedom so many years ago. In Spring and Summer, today’s explorers can summit a variety of mountain peaks, enjoy a kayak paddle on our many alpine lakes, or take in our growing art and cultural scene. In the winter, we all are here for the snow. The Truckee/Tahoe area hosts 13 ski resorts, and the Cedar House sits just minutes from Northstar California, Olympic Valley, and unlimited backcountry access. No matter what your soul yearns, Truckee will have something for you…it is your basecamp for adventure and living your best life.

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    Carved out of the natural allurement of its surroundings, Cedar House combines innovative architecture with the symbiotic relationship between mind, body and soul. Using a unique blend of recycled and pure materials, the hotel exemplifies environmental awareness, integrating itself into its stunning landscape.

    Our mission is to provide a cohesive guest experience that inspires. With our focus on connections, sustainability and outdoor exploration, we are far more than just a place to stay. We are an active lifestyle destination with a strong environmental conscience, advocating physical and emotional engagement with nature, culture and the community that surrounds us.

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    Downto Earth


    We aim to embody an environmentally conscious and sustainable operation through our hotel’s design and utilization of recycled materials, our day-to-day operation which targets reduced waste, our local partnerships with community-based environmental stewards, and our lifestyle brand that encourages people to seek the treasures of the outdoor in order to create an appreciation and responsibility for all life and wild places.


    Meetingsand Groups

    Where your values match ours.
    Our sustainability measures support the preservation of natural resources. Respect to the environment is paramount for us, which is why we create group events that are eco-friendly, aligning perfectly with the natural beauty of the Truckee/Lake Tahoe region and your ethos. In addition, we believe that the hospitality industry, as well as, other partners together can be a force for good. Our group events incorporate environmental considerations throughout all stages of planning and management to minimize the negative impact to our planet.

    Meetings and Groups

    Summer dishes at Stella.

    Stellaat CHSH

    Exquisite seasonal dining that is fresh as the seasons.
    Redesigned to be a neighborhood gathering spot, our open dining room and garden patios burst with energy and connectedness. With a conceptual nod to Mexican, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines, Chef Lupe Solis reimagines favorite dishes that are innovative, soulful and locally sourced.


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