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Stella no longer offers ‘nightly’ dinner service, however there are still plenty of dining opportunities open to the public!
Under Chef Jacob Burton, Stella Culinary offers Hands-on Cooking Classes, Underground Dinner Parties, as well as “Create Your Evening” custom dining options for groups celebrating special events.


Stella Culinary at Cedar House – A destination for Culinary Arts

Over the last five years, Stella Restaurant at The Cedar House Sport Hotel, had amassed a loyal following under Chef Jacob Burton, as well as critical acclaim and had been featured in many national magazines.   In May 2011, Chef Jacob launched Stella Culinary, an online educational website that focuses on the how’s and why’s of cooking.  It currently hosts over 170 instructional videos ranging from basic knife skills, kitchen prep, and bread baking, to instructions on making professional level sauces, charcuterie, and even a popular food science series. The videos have amassed over 5 million views, and chef Jacob’s educational podcast, The Stella Culinary School, has been featured on the front page of iTunes and boasts over 1 million downloads. receives more than 80,000 unique visitors a month, with an active forum community of passionate cooks who ask and answer questions, share their successes and failures, and help each other become better cooks.

Whether it is a cooking class, an entertaining lunch lecture, a special customized evening, or a fun underground dinner party – there are numerous ways to enjoy Stella Culinary at The Cedar House.

Take your cooking to the next level with a hands on class taught by Chef Jacob Burton and the Stella Culinary team. Conveniently located on the Cedar House Property in Stella Kitchen, Chef Jacob’s classes range from basic knife skills and vegetable cookery, to ethnic and regional themes, all the way to intensive, five day culinary boot camps.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to master the basics, a professional chef looking for new inspiration, or a culinary enthusiast wanting to develop new skills, Chef Jacob’s Stella Culinary Classes are the perfect solution for a fun and educational experience.



cooking picCreate Your Own Culinary Experience

Chef Jacob and his expect culinary team have the ability to create a custom culinary experience for you and your group. Whether you want to crack the code on traditional ramen, learn how to make Neapolitan pizza out of our traditional wood fire oven, or dabble in modern cooking techniques such as sous vide and hydrocolloid gels, the Stella Culinary Team has you covered.

If you can think it, we can create it, from an evening cooking class to a multi-day, professional level study on any culinary topic you’d like to tackle.  Hands on classes can accommodate 12 to 15 students depending on subject matter.  Lecture style classes that incorporate simple snacks or a multi-course themed menus with wine pairing are also available for up to 30 guests.

Contact the Cedar House Sport Hotel to start creating your custom culinary experience.

Some of the best dining experiences aren’t always in restaurants – but if they are in an established eatery, they tend to be events where the entire menu is often a never to be repeated surprise.  Anyone can go to a popular restaurant, order straight off the menu and have a fantastic meal – but where is the fun in that?  

The Underground dining scene – often known as the “anti-restaurant” are popular due to their playful and spirited style.  They are perhaps best described by LA Times journalist Jenn Garbee in her book “Secret Suppers”:

“It’s happening in attics, garages, living rooms, parking lots and wine cellars across the nation – underground restaurant chefs are taking the food scene by storm, one dinner at a time. They’re throwing fabulous dinner parties at the drop of a hat for a hodge-podge of guests in offbeat, roving locations. They’re evading the cops, enticing the food-obsessed, and making headlines (“Restaurants on the Fringe, and Thriving”!). In short, they’re reinventing the dining experience. No wonder foodies are falling hard for the underground eating experience. Whether it’s steaks prepared in the parlor fireplace of a townhouse, or bacon-wrapped-bacon served on the deck of a charming little house in a sunny Seattle neighborhood, or a white-tablecloth affair set in an open field in Santa Barbara—chefs and food lovers are circumventing the restaurant altogether to cook what they want, to reinvent the serving ambiance whenever the whim strikes, and to attract the most adventurous diners. “

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Stella Underground, while not “evading cops”, is our spin on this popular dining movement but executed “Stella style”. We want to change the dining experience where each dinner is a different exploration in creative cooking. Done in a dinner party format, some with a theme, others where there may be no menu at all.  We cook – you eat. Bring your favorite wine – there is no corkage! Guests are welcome in the kitchen where conversations will be free flowing and robust.  Stella Underground delivers an unforgettable meal and experience.

-To me, “Stella Style” means doing everything excellent, but staying true to the essence of the menu’s theme.  When you take fine dining methodology, execution, and technique, and apply it to “simpler food,” some pretty amazing stuff can happen. – Chef Jacob Burton



body picCreate your Evening

The Stella Dining Room and Kitchen at the Cedar House is an intimate environment like no other in the Lake Tahoe region, on par with top dining experiences in major cities around the world. Guests enjoy the open kitchen, garden patios and most of all, memorable dishes and excellent service.

Recognized as one of Food & Wine’s magazine People’s Choice for Best New Chef, Executive Chef Jacob Burton leads an exceptional culinary team that thrives on excellence.   Create Your Evening is a custom dining option for Groups and Families celebrating special events.  Some of the most memorable evenings are centered around an open kitchen, sharing food and stories with friends. The Cedar House staff and hotel proprietor Patty Baird will extend unparalleled attention to every detail.  You, as host of your event need to only arrive, and of course, relax and enjoy. It is that easy.  Let the staff at Cedar House and Chef Jacob create an unforgettable personalized evening, including multi-day events for corporate groups looking for the perfect mountain retreat.

Food and Beverage Minimums

$2500 F&B plus tax and service in Cervino Room only – Shared Platters dinner style option only.

$3500 F&B plus tax and service in Stella Dining room.  This includes usage of the entire event facility, patios and event room for appetizers and mingling.

For more information to “Create Your Evening”, please contact Patty Baird at 530.582.5655 or email her at: