11 October 2013
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Arche&Canyonlands Hiking with Tahoe Trips&Trails FULL DAY


Arches & Canyonlands Hiking

Desert redrock and the Colorado River provide a uniquely dramatic setting allowing us an opportunity to step back in time to a land of sand stone wilderness. This trip is one of our most remote getaways. 


• The mighty Colorado River
• Canyonlands National Park
• Arches National Park
• Natural Bridges National Monument
• Native ruins, pictographs and petroglyphs


Our first three nights we lodge at the glorious Sunflower Hill Inn in Moab, whose luxurious comforts have earned it the top rated hotel award in Moab for eight years running! Day one we explore both Canyonlands National Park as well as nearby Dead Horse Point State Park. We walk atop a gigantic mesa, surrounded by the immense sea of canyons, labyrinths and mazes that comprise Canyonlands National Park, a geologists’ paradise.

The next day we visit Arches National Park, often called the most beautiful place on earth. Trails weave through a wonderland of standing desert rocks with far-reaching vistas. We’ll also visit many famous arches, including Landscape Arch, the longest in the world.

Day three we transfer locations from Moab to Bluff, stopping along the way to enjoy a spectacular hike in canyons at Natural Bridges National Monument. The town of Bluff still has an original pioneer fort dating back to 1880 when the first settlers arrived. Our home here is the Desert Rose Inn with its massive timbers and western charm. Hikes nearby lead to remote pictographs,petroglyphs and ruins from the time of the Ancestral Puebloan Indians.

Our final day takes us back to Arches where we enjoy a short hike to the iconic Delicate Arch.  No visit to the area is complete without this visit.



5 days, 5 nights

Available Trips:

April 21-26 & October 6-11, 2013

Air Gateway:

Grand Junction, CO

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Tahoe Photography&Hiking with Tahoe Trips & Trails FULL DAY


Tahoe Photography & Hiking

Hike in the spectacular Tahoe area while learning and/or refining skills to improve your photographic images with professional photography instruction. Lake Tahoe is truly a hiking photographer’s paradise offering amazing clear waters, deep blue skies, and many picturesque trails and peaks to explore. 


·         Exceptional hiking and photography opportunities

·         Unspoiled trails and mountain peaks

·         Individual photo instruction by an internationally recognized photographer

·         Constructive group critique of your photography


While hiking with the spectacular backdrop of the Lake Tahoe area as a canvas, you will learn and practice how to observe and capture extraordinary images in nature.

This three-day hike and photography adventure is instructed by fine art photographer Niobe Burden,

Daily hikes will be at elevations of 6500’-8500’ feet and suited for most hiking abilities. A more leisurely pace will allow the group time to examine a vast selection of subjects in beautiful light and appreciate the wildflowers and forest details framed by mountain and lake views. Niobe’s individual instruction will be tailored to your needs whether you are a casual or serious photo enthusiast who desires to go to the next level.

With group instruction you will practice setting up compositions by looking to all corners of the frame and working with different types of light. There will be two evening group discussions where greater insight into your photographs and technique will be gained. Film cameras are acceptable but digital cameras are strongly recommended as they will allow you to participate in the group critiques. Lightweight tripods are encouraged but not required.



3 days, 3 nights

Available Trips:

March21-24, July 25-28 & October10-13, 2013

Air Gateway:

Reno, NV

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